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I am a fashion expert with over 12 years of styling experience working for reputable companies like Nordstrom and Stitch Fix. I knew it was time to branch out on my own because I felt I was unable to truly provide my clients with the exceptional personalized styling experience they deserve. So, I founded Styled by Georgia Bloom in the summer of 2022 to do just that.  

I work with dynamic individuals to elevate their wardrobes and create the cool, effortless style they want, to live their best lives. It is my passion to empower my clients to use their style as a vehicle for personal growth and transformation. It is my experience that clothes have more power over us than people think. They can hold us back in life, or propel us forward, energized and excited about our future.

How many times have you looked at your closet full of clothes but thought "I have nothing to wear." That's because your closet isn't functioning properly for you. I can help! I'll educate you on the importance of investing in the right clothes for your body shape and lifestyle, teach you the art of intentional shopping, help you create outfits out of your existing closet, and of course, add inspiring new looks into your wardrobe that will boost your confidence and impress the people around you!


Are you ready to transform your wardrobe and your attitude in the process? Let your style bloom by booking a free consultation with me today!


Now Available for Style & Wardrobe Consultations




Georgia Bloom is an incredible stylist. I recently employed her to do a wardrobe edit and organize my closet. I was amazed. She repurposed many pieces and transformed them into current outfits that I love. There is nothing as great as getting a new outfit at no cost!  I will absolutely use her to add staple and statement pieces that will enhance my wardrobe.


Thank you Georgia for giving me my best shopping experience in years! I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed shopping. Online orders never seemed to fit and I left the mall feeling hopeless. Georgia showed me clothes that were flattering and elevated my style. She also taught me a lot throughout our experience by educating me on cuts and fabrics that would look good on my body. I left feeling energized and optimistic about life in general!

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