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How i can help you

  1. I will save you money - how much money have you wasted on clothes that hang in your wardrobe with the tags on, just destined for the charity shop unworn? Or things you’ve worn a couple of times but don’t love. I will help you stop making those mistakes and invest in the right items. Long-term, it really will save you money. The most expensive item in your closet is the thing you never wear!

  2. I will save you time - if you hate shopping, spend countless hours adding and then emptying clothes in and out of your cart, or spend a long time trying to find things that flatter your shape and end up buying something just because it does fit or even leaving stores empty handed, then working with me will save you lots of time. An organized wardrobe will also save you time, plus you’ll learn how to create outfits rather than see your wardrobe as an overwhelming closet of unwearable items.

  3. I will save you frustration - never finding things that suit you or fit you can lead to a lot of frustration and knocks your confidence. I can help you find things you love and that fit, no matter what your size and shape!

  4. You’ll create a signature style that works for you - learning more about your style personality and creating a style formula is the key to building an inspired and functional wardrobe. You’ll also learn more about what you look and feel great wearing. And you’ll learn lots of styling tips along the way!

  5. You’ll stop buying things that don’t work - you might have a wardrobe full of clothes, but do they work together? I will help you achieve a strategic approach to your wardrobe so you’ll start wearing all your clothes more of the time and find it easier to put looks together.

  6. Ultimately, you’re investing in your own self-esteem and confidence. Sure it looks like clothes shopping and decluttering are superficial things, but the psychological impact of clothes goes so much deeper.”

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